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We currently have no sheaths for sale as each one is custom designed and fitted for every knife.  At the time of your knife order, you are welcome to choose your sheath design and color.  Or, if you have no preference, we will be happy to create one that will compliment your knife.  All sheaths are made right-handed unless you specify otherwise and the time of your order.  
Also, if you already have a favorite knife that needs a custom leather sheath, we will be glad to create one for you.  Once the design, color and price have been confirmed, you will need to mail your knife to us for creating the pattern and fitting.  In most cases, we will be  mailing your knife along with its new sheath back to you within 7-10 days from receipt.


Sheath made for Knife 20272


Sheath made for Knife 19170


Sheath made for Knife 20238


Sheath made for Knife 20209

Sheath made for Knife 20282



Sheath made for Knife 20283


Sheath made for Knife 20296

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