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    Welcome to Joe McNeely Custom Blades
Custom Cutlery at its Finest



The right knife for every situation.  Everyone wants the best value for their dollar, and when ordering a custom knife, everyone wants their decision to be the right one - whether you buy from me or from someone else.  My knives can be passed on to your future generations with pride.  They are made from the best steel and finest materials available - made to be the most durable and usable knife you will ever have.  My blades are made by hand and never ground to shape.  I use files and sandpaper to shape he blade.  The only time a grinder touches the blade is for initial smoothing of the outline of the blade after initial cut-out on the band saw.  It's a little slower to make a blade this way, but the integrity of the steel is never compromised.  And, I feel I have better control of the shape and continuity of my blades.  My knives are hand finished by sanding up to 5000 grit for a mirror finish, and then hand polished.  Combining quality, beauty and function is my goal.  As most of my knives are made to order, I only have a limited few available for display, shows or to sell online.   If you have your own design ideas, send me a picture or drawing and I will do my best to make your vision a reality.  We will communicate to make the design come to life.  For questions concerning the types of steel, heat treating, handle material, design, or pricing, call or email me. 

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