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My wife and I built our business with plenty of sweat and a lot of God's help.  This has been a joint effort since the beginning.  Barbara makes the leather sheaths, is a great inspiration, and helps me at every step of the knife making process (especially feeding me occasionally).  She is the best thing to ever happen to me.  

Brians Deer.JPG

Joe's oldest son Brian took his first Muley 2012 season

The goal of Joe McNeely Custom Blades is to produce a quality knife that is the best product anywhere.  Great pride and the best materials available are put into each knife made.  Many hours are dedicated to the design, manufacture and finishing process in each and every knife created.  I charge a fair price for my knives as I want everyone to be able to own a quality knife for a reasonable price.  I have always felt that beauty and quality can be one in the same.  I love making knives, and when I lose that passion, I will stop making knifes.  In addition to our current designs, I am always searching for new ideas and materials to make my knives as durable, functional and appealing as possible for my customers.  Each knife is an original, made by hand, and no two are exactly alike.  I do not mass produce any part of the knife.  The blade is completely worked and shaped by hand with files and sandpaper, with a minimum of grinding or machine work.  Heat treating is done in my shop with no portion of the process being sent out.  If there is any request that I am not comfortable with or have questions about, I will contact you and discuss it with you.  For me, the bond of friendship is as important as the knife itself, and a part of me goes into each and every knife.

Davids Deer.JPG

Joe's youngest son David with his nice Whitetail 2012 season

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