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  • True Custom Work:  Each knife is truly a hand made original.  Every stage of the knife making process is done by me, by hand.  Each blade is made by hand with files and sandpaper.  No part of the process if every sent out of my shop for any reason.  I value my reputation and perform each step of the process myself.  When a knife leaves my shop, a part of me goes with it.     

  • Beauty and Craftsmanship:  It is my belief that beauty and function can be created in a knife.  Any knife created in my shop is meant to be used.  Some clients have said the knives are too beautiful to use, and that is OK as long as they know the knife is fully capable. 

  • Style of Knives:  I only make fixed blade knives.  This allows me to concentrate in one area of expertise and to fully explore new designs for knives. 

  • Value:  Every custom knife made will appreciate in value as time passes.  These knives will be a true investment for the client, and a piece that will be passed down with pride. 

  • Delivery Time:  Currently there is a wait time of six to eight weeks for each knife.  This time may increase as orders fluctuate.  As a one man shop, only so many knives can be completed in a given time.  In order to maintain quality, the process cannot and will not be rushed. 

  • Payment:  A minimum deposit of $200 is required to get your knife started.  Remaining balance is to be paid in full prior to shipment.

Knives made from standard patterns and materials are priced at $600.00.  This would include the knives in the Gallery with the exception of any knife with three bolsters, file work, or stainless bolsters.  You can order a knife of your choice by giving me the number in the upper left corner of the picture, selecting the bolster shape and material, and the handle material.  The price will not be affected unless a special material is selected or a more difficult bolster shape is desired.  Any price changes will be discussed and agreed upon before work begins. 

Special order knives start at $600.00.  This price is affected by many factors, including but not limited to type of steel, shape of blade, shape and type of material for bolsters, type of handle material, and style and materials for sheath.  Also, additional time is required for design work and creating the pattern.  Each knife includes a hand made fitted sheath (plain finish) and a zipper case to protect your investment when not being carried in the sheath. All knives shipped free within Continental U.S.  Shipping to other destinations will be actual charge. 


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