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Steve Flockhart (Canada)

It made it to Canada safely, a little delay at Customs as I expected, but safe and sound in my hands now. Thanks, Joe McNeely, absolutely over the moon with this beautiful knife.  It feels as good in the hand as it looks, completely amazing.  I will cherish this for years to come.


Brett T. Ferguson (North Carolina)

Mail call!  Thanks, Joe McNeely, for this gorgeous, functional piece of art!  (And, thank your wife for the beautiful sheath!)


Corey Meagher (Florida)

Just got home from work and immediately tore into my package to find this beauty.  It is so heavy and thick . . . I just love.  It really is exactly what I was hoping for.  You area  true craftsman and you have every right to be proud of what you do.  Beautiful and functional sheath as well.  Thanks again, it's great!

Corey Meagher Testimonial.jpg

Larry Gauthier (Arizona)

If U don't have this knife from Joe McNeely, you're missing out

GauthierPost  68.jpg

Eric Hall (California)

Received!  It's a home run!  Thank you so much!

White Turquoise     55.JPG

Rick Lutz (Colorado)

I got the first knife and I like it, so I ordered another one.


Keith Mitchell (Kansas)

Joe, thanks for the knife.  It is even better than I expected.  It is just plain awesome.  I appreciate the opportunity to carry it.  I will post some FB pictures at a later date.  I look forward to future business again. 


Zach Glunt (Pennsylvania)

I love the knife.  It's exactly what I wanted.  I'll definitely be spreading the word around about you.  Best knife I own!


Charles Arp (Arizona)

Happy Birthday to me . . . sing along.  Happy Birthday Dear Charles . . . etc etc.  I picked up from the Post Office requested custom made knife from Joe McNeely. am way over the moon delighted.  This gorgeous knife from the beginning was to compliment one of my regular carry guns.  The star BM in 9mm nickel and black grips go very well with this beautiful knife.  THE KNIFE.  It is a work of art and function.  I love this drop point.  The file work on the spine is splendid.  The transitions of lines and fit is superb.  When you run your finger over any part, it is smooth.  You close your eyes and you cannot feel from bolster to scale.  It is that smooth.  Joe McNeely, thank you again . . . it is beyond my expectation and I set that bar very high.  In Joe's website gallery #77.  Friends, if you want a spectacular knife, I highly recommend him.


James Grier (Georgia)

Sorry for the late reply.  Knife arrived while I was out of town, and I just got to lay eyes on it this morning.  Let me say that if you're thinking about a McNeely blade, stop procrastinating and get one.  Beautiful craftsmanship, I am in awe of this knife.  Also, his wife Barbara did an awesome job on the sheath - fits perfectly and is just beautiful.


Ray Brown (Florida)

Mr. McNeely, I can't begin to describe how excited I am to own one of your creations.  It far exceeds any expectations that I might have had.  The fit and finish is spectacular and it cuts like a dream (yes, I have already used it).  Thank you so much for such a nice family heirloom.  As far as my friends go, if you have one or two friends that you can count on in good and bad times, you are very lucky.  I am blessed because I have a lot.  These guys are always available, day or night, thick or thin.  They really outdid themselves this time though.  I am working on some payback.  Again, thank you for something I will cherish the rest of my days - Ray.


Jeff Binkowski (Illinois)

Hi Joe, my buddy Rich DeMeo had the knife used in the pictorial made for me for Christmas, and it is amazing.  The feel, the balance, the substance is just awesome.  Can't wait to use it on my next deer hunting trip.  I've never held a knife that felt so natural in my hand like the one you made just given to me.  Major applause to you!


Michael Hill (Canada)

I received this unique, one of a kind, and I just do not have the words to describe the attention to detail in the craftsmanship of this bull nosed skinning knife created by Joe McNeely and the quality sheath handmade and stitched by his wife Barbara.  Not to forget the scales were designed  by his son David.  Thank you all for letting me own this masterpiece which I will carry and use on future hunting adventures. 


Scott Bulpitt (Canada)

Well, I finally have one ... had this made by Joe McNeely for my wife Kim.  Superb craftsmanship and flawless design.  Flows like a warm breeze on an autumn day.  I'm speechless, just incredible.  Can't wait to see mine next - it's a beast!  Oh, in case anyone was wondering, NOT FOR SALE!  No way - no how - sorry!


Mark Caughey (Texas)

The UPS man just delivered my knife.  The only word that comes to mind is WOW!!!  It's absolutely amazing, beautiful, awesome!!!  I love it!!!  I knew you would be the right choice. You did not disappoint, and the sheath is an added bonus :-}  Thank you so very much!!! 

118 Caughey left side.jpg

Jeff Sheppard (Maryland)

Thanks, Joe.  Been using the Bowie I got from you for cutting down saplings going through the woods for deer hunting. Getting used a little hard but holding up well.  The point is still like a needle.

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